sparesthatperson asked: are there any blog dedicated to YooJeong?

nope :( at least not that i’ve seen

kiyazhou asked: are there any other blog dedicated to bob girls?

Sorry for the sudden lack of activity!!

I’ve been crazy busy with work and my personal life for the past month or so and haven’t had time for internet or kpop things in general so this place has kind of died :( 

Hopefully things will be calming down within the next week or so and I can work on updating this place with the things I’ve missed!!

In the mean time, check out for updates on what the girls are doing and translations of their social media updates! 

140510 Yoojung Twitter Update

작가님짱!!! 유정입니당’-‘

Illustrator-nim jjang!!! It’s Yoojung’-‘

140509 Dahye Twitter Update

모두 보고싶습니당..♡ 오늘 하루 활기차게 홧팅입니다!! -다혜

I miss all of you..
Hwaitting for an energetic day!!

140508 Yoojung Twitter Update


It’s Yoojung’-‘

140508 allcheng2 Twitter Update

유정이와 호두 긔염긔염

Yoojungie and Hodu cutecute

140508 allcheng2 Twitter Update

나단비~ 나단나단해

I’m Danbi~I’m Dan, I’m Dan-ing

140508 Danbi Twitter Update

단발로 잘랐어용*-* -단비-

I cut my hair short*-* -Danbi-

140508 Dahye Twitter Update

제 친구 엘사랑~ Let it go~~~♬
머리색도 그렇고..먼가 비슷한..?

With my friend, Elsa~ Let it go~~~
Our hair color, too….is a bit similar..?

140508 allcheng2 Twitter Update

쩐다와 멍뭉이

Jjeonda and Meongmoongie

t/n the captions on the photo are: “hodu-ya~” “what do you want”

140507 Bob Girls Twitter Update


Immersed in emotions

140507 Jina Twitter Update

모두 다다좋은일만 가득하십시오!!!! 이건 탭 만지다가 찰칵^^

Everyone have a day filled with only good things!!!!
This is tap to shoot^^

140507 Dahye/Danbi Twitter Update

투단발 엽기 {>_<}~~ 다혜,단비♡

Two short-haired strange (girls) {>_<}~~ Dahye, Danbi

140506 Bob Girls Twitter Update

발이 아파서 ㅠ

Feet hurt ㅠ